Saturday, June 28, 2014

Facing problem in UFT 11.5 with Find (Ctrl + F) and breakpoints ??

Are you facing problems to perform "Find (Ctrl + F)" operation and adding "Breakpoint" in UFT ??
Unified Functional Tester will not support these 2 operations for the .vbs and .qfl files. It is supported only to the Tests.

So how to perform these 2 operations in your library files ?

Here is the solution for it.

Associate the library function to the Test or Action. by doing this, we can perform Find and Breakpoint operations.

How to Associate file :
1. Open the library file, right click on the tab of the library file and click on "Associate Function Library With"

2. Go to File -> Settings
Select Resources in the Test Settings Dialog and add the Resources by clicking on the "+" button

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