Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to Install QC 11 (Quality Center) / Application Lifecycle management (ALM) 11? Part 1 - Downloading the software

This is a general question I always get from my subscribers, why is it so difficult to install Quality center 11 aka Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). I am putting together this document on step by step installation of Quality Center 11 with the screenshots as I am installing it. Please leave a comment and share your thoughts if you feel anything is missing, I will be glad to help you with that.

Let us beging the first part of four-part series - Downloading the required files

1) Ensure that the system meets the pre-requisites for installing Quality Center 11 / Application Lifecycle management (ALM) 11 by clicking on the link. If you don’t find the page here, leave a comment I can fix it for you, HP keeps changing these pages.

2) Go to the download URL Again, if you don’t find the link here please leave a comment, I will update the correct link. HP has changed this download location for the 3rd time this year that I know of.

3) Click on dropdown that says trials and demos.

Click on the image to enlarge


Cick on the image to enlarge
5) Click on “New User Registration” tab if you do not have a HP passport id already. You can also read step #2 of this article to get more information on getting a HP learner id.

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6) After getting an id, use it to sign in to the portal

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7) On the next screen (Evaluation software terms of use), click on the button “I agree”

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8) Now you will have access to download section depending on the operating system choose the appropriate files. For Windows you need the below shown 2 files (Viz (194.03 MB) & Software_HP_ALM_11.00_Windows_TC096_15000.z01 (1800.00 MB) Total size = 2 GB, so these files may take some time to download depending on your internet speed

Click on the image to enslarge it

This is the end of Part 1 - Downloading the software, please continue with How to Install QC (ALM) 11 Part 2 - Extracting the files.

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  1. What are the prerequsites for ALM11 install. The link you posted is not working

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