Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages of QTP (Quick Test Professional)

Hi everybody, I have put together some of the advantages and disadvantages of Quick Test Professional tool below. As usual, if you feel anything needs to be added kindly leave a comment. Thanks.


Please read the complete list of QTP advantages here.
  1. It is easy even for a non-programmer to understand QTP and start adding test cases.
  2. Support for record and playback and ability to edit scripts after recording. Also different recording modes are provided in QTP viz. Normal, Analog & Low level.
  3. Excellent Object Identification process / mechanism
  4. Support for different addins like Java, Oracle, SAP, .NET, Web Forms, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Web services, Main frame (Terminal Emulator) etc.
  5. Ability to let you enhance the existing tests even without the AUT (Application under test) through active screen.
  6. Supports all popular Automation frameworks - Keyword driven testing approach, Data driven testing approach, Modular testing approach, Hybrid frameworks etc.
  7. QTP comes with an inbuilt IDE, which is simple and easy to use.
  8. QTP uses VBScript which is English-like and very easy to learn and gain expertise. We have plenty of resource available to learn VBScripts.
  9. Microsoft Object model can be implanted in QTP easily (Example – Word document object, Excel Object, Outlook Object, ADO objects, File system objects, DOM etc)
  10. QTP can be integrated with Test management tools like QC (Quality Center), Test director and also functional test tools like Winrunner. The test cases can be mapped to the automation scripts and be executed from QC (Quality Center) itself. Also, it can kick off Winrunner test execution from within.
  11. Easy to maintain different types of suites viz. Smoke, Sanity, Regression etc.
  12. It comes with loads of inbuilt properties and methods in QTP as well as inbuilt functions in VBScripts
  13. Support for XML.
  14. Use of Datatables/Excel files are easier and provides a variety of methods to play around with rows and columns.
  15. Easy to maintain test iterations and data driving the tests through configurations.
  16. Test reporting with all necessary details for analysis is provided.
  1. Cost is high – License and maintenance.
  2. Cannot run multiple threads/instances – For example the Grid support available in Selenium, where we can run multiple instances of the application on different browsers at the same time.
  3. Slow in execution when compared to even open source tools like Selenium.
  4. You get support from HP only when you renew the license.
  5. You need to buy different addins – Java, Oracle, SAP, .Net, Seibel, Peoplesoft etc.


  1. I want to be a QTP expert and rock the Testing world

  2. I'd say pick up Selenium then u can rock!

  3. Hi,

    A very Good Article.You have presented very well about the Advantages and Disadvantages of QTP.


  4. very informative points... i would like to add 1 more disadvantage that QTP supports very few browsers hence cross browser testing can be difficult.

  5. i would like to add one more advantage the enhanced results overview incorporated in QTP 11.0 is very much useful and good advantage and the Browser testing for Mozilla is also available...

  6. what version were you reviewing?

  7. Object Spy Enhancements
    1. Object spy to have an option to export all the objects in hierarchy with their properties and methods to a XLS/XML file. And also to have an option to reload this offline. This feature would help for others to analyze a object recognition remotely
    2. Object spy to have the ability to run without QTP. Currently object spy can only be loaded through QTP
    3. Object spy to have an option to disable the Auto spy. Currently hovering on any object displays it properties without the need to click the object. This at time gives poor performance while spying objects


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