Friday, May 20, 2011

Sample framework for QTP-QC integration.

(This is not the exact framework we built for the client; these folder structures will be for educational purpose only and you feel free to modify it in whichever way you want)
Below details explains our automation framework having with QTP-QC integration.
Test Plan: We arranged our folder structure under Test Plan Tab as below with separate folder for automation and manual test cases /test scripts.
All QTP scripts were saved under the Automation folder as displayed below.

Test Resources: Using Quality Center’s test resource module is helpful when you need to use the test information across multiple tests, lab machines and environments.
Below are QTP resources we arranged as shown under Test Resources.
1. Data Tables: We created two folders under Data Table one is configuration and other one script data. Data table details from configuration will be having general test data that will be shared by all test scripts and script data was used to hold very specific test data for a particular test.
2. Environment Variables : We stored Environment files such as ini, txt, xml file under this folder
3. Function Libraries: We were having folders shared and explicit for storing user defined functions under Function Libraries folder.
Shared folder is used to store libraries which are very generic functionality and shared by all test scripts whereas explicit are used to store libraries covering functionality of specific test.
4. Object Repository: Object repository which shared by all test script are stored under Object Repository folder
5. Recovery Scenario: Scenarios handling unexpected errors are stored under Recovery Scenario folder.

Test Lab: To manage test execution for a specific release, you have created a folder structure under Test Lab. We were having separate folder structure such as for Automation and Manual.
Under automation we were having different folders according to type of test cases running such as Maintenance, Regression and Smoke/Sanity. Each sub folder will be the actual test imported from Test Plan module which will be executed according to need basis

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  1. hi when i am exuting the script i found the following error message......
    my script is
    Set abc=description.Create()
    Set chiobj=browser("Google").page("Google").ChildObjects(abc)
    msgbox chiobj.count
    pls any one help..

    The "Google" object was not found in the Object Repository.
    Check the Object Repository to confirm that the object exists or to find the correct name for the object.

    Line (3): "Set chiobj=browser("Google").page("Google").ChildObjects(abc)".

    1. Set Links=browser("google").Page("google").chaildobjects(abc)

    2. set links=browser("google").page("google").chaildobjects(abc)

  2. you can use object spy and click on goole page ..fine the unique property of page mention them

    ex.. set a =browser("name:=....").page("title:=....").clildobjects(k)

  3. did you add the Google object to the repository? or use descriptive programming e.g. Set chiobj = Browser("creationtime:=0").Page("title:=.*").ChildObjects(desc)

  4. check in Ob.repository either the "Google" object name is same in obj.repository and scripting with correct(upcase letter or any spellmistake or lowcaseletter),
    you can check properties and value of run-time object using the "Objectspy"
    you can virtual object to recognition the object at run-time

  5. This is a VERY good document - it makes certain QTC/QC integration issues clearer for me to understand. However, it will be extremely helpful if it is possible to expand on the section "Test Lab:" section the detailed steps as how a QTP test script stored in QC can be executed with one of the data tables that are stored in Resources > Test Resources > Data Table > Script Data path.


  6. Whenever I am trying to launch QTP from QC all the addin are not selected .only web is selected but my application is window developed with VB and .net.

    I need to know where to select the qtp addin from QC

  7. hi frnds.i have very confuse with one script.plz give me help to resolve that.
    ex: a="rama%&skk&*)shyam{/%"
    i need to retrieve names in the string a.
    like rama skk shyam individuly and seperately..
    plz any one give that script.

  8. if framework is hybrid automation framework,how to integrate this framework in QC

  9. Very nice article!!!!!!!! Thanks a lott dear !!!!!!!!!

  10. thanks a lott dear for such a nice article !!!!!

  11. Set obj=Description.Create
    Set a=Browser("creationtime:=0").page("title:=.*").ChildObjects(obj)
    msgbox a.count


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