Thursday, March 10, 2011

QTP Objects/Object repository (OR) - Tips from HP.

  1. The Select Object for Step dialog box enables you to select a new object from your application. If you select an object in your application that is not in the object repository, the object is added to the object repository when you insert the new step.
  2. You can run your test in Update mode to update values in your test or business component. You can choose to update checkpoint data, Active Screen images, and/or the descriptions of the objects in the object repository. Choose Automation > Update Run Mode. NEW!! You can associate shared object repositories with multiple actions simultaneously, using the Associate Repositories dialog box.
  3. NEW!! You can resolve missing resources (such as missing object repositories and actions), using the new Missing Resources pane.
  4. NEW!! You can now associate multiple object repositories with an action or application area. In previous versions of QuickTest Professional, you could associate only a single object repository with a test asset.
  5. NEW!! You can export object repository content to an XML file and import a new object repository from an XML file.
  6. NEW!! You can copy objects from a shared object repository to the local object repository in order to modify them.
  7. NEW!! You can use the Object Repository Merge Tool to merge objects from two shared object repositories into a single object repository.
  8. You can add new objects to the Object Repository from the Active Screen or using the Add Objects option in the Object Repository dialog box and pointing to the object in your application.

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