Wednesday, March 9, 2011

QTP Checkpoints – 7 Tips from HP:

  1. To transfer control to the application while spying or inserting checkpoints on objects, press the CTRL key.
  2. You can check the content of an image in a Web page when you create an image checkpoint using the Compare Image Content option.
  3. To modify the text used for a text checkpoint, click the Configure button in the Text Checkpoint Properties dialog box.
  4. You can add logic to a checkpoint by using a Data Table formula.
  5. If it takes time for an object you are checking to load all of its data, you can increase the checkpoint timeout.
  6. If you want to create a bitmap checkpoint of multiple objects, select the object in the Object Selection dialog box that includes all the objects you want your bitmap checkpoint to contain.
  7. You can run your test in Update mode to update values in your test or business component. You can choose to update checkpoint data, Active Screen images, and/or the descriptions of the objects in the object repository. Choose Automation > Update Run Mode.

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