Wednesday, March 23, 2011

QTP 11 New Features...

Here is the complete list of new features that are available in QTP 11

1) XPath and CSS based object identification

2) Good Looking and Enhanced Results Viewer

3) Easy Regular Expressions

4) Now identify objects not only in relation to each other but in relation to neighboring

5) Load Function Libraries at Run Time

6) Test Your GUI and UI-Less Application Functionality in One Test

7) Record Support - For FireFox is now available.

8) Much Awaited Log Tracking is available now

9) Embed/Run Javascript in web pages

10) Manage Test Data

11) Web 2.0 Toolkit Applications Support

12) Automatically Parameterize Steps

13) Silverlight Add-in

14) Extend WPF and Silverlight Support

15) Avoid Downtime Due to License Server Failures

To view the complete article click here

You can get more information on HP Functional Testing 11 at hp link here and also download QTP 11 here.

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