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HP QTP/QC Certification Practice Exam Questions Set 8

What web client can be used with Quality Center 9.2?
A. Netscape
B. Safari
C. Firefox
D. Internet Explorer
Answer: D

Which term describes the main function of Quality Center?
A. test cases
B. repository
C. load test
D. defects
Answer: B

What database can be used with Quality Center 9.2? Select two.
A. Access
B. Sybase
C. Microsoft SQL Server
D. Paradox
E. Oracle
Answer: C, E

What HP functional testing tools integrate with Quality Center? (Select two.)
A. HP OpenView
B. HP WinRunner
C. HP QuickTest Professional
D. HP LoadRunner
E. HP Change Control Management
Answer: B, C

Which component provides an executive-level view of the entire quality process?
A. Quality Center Foundation
B. Business Process Insight
C. Service Test Component
D. Quality Center Dashboard
Answer: D

When designing test steps it is important to ensure that all aspects of the application are tested.
When writing test steps, what are two things that should be done to ensure clear and accurate
steps? (Select two.)
A. specify all actual results
B. use parameters in the step names
C. specify pass and fail conditions for the step
D. use the numbering system for the step names
E. use consistent terminology throughout the test
Answer: C, E

Where can you link tests to requirements?
A. from the Test Lab module
B. from the Requirements module
C. on the test details page (Test Plan)
D. on the attachments page (Test Plan)
Answer: B

When a called test has parameters, when can you assign values to the parameters?
A. values are assigned from within the calling test
B. values must be assigned when the test is executed
C. values are assigned during test design or execution
D. values must be assigned when the test is called, during test design
Answer: C

What are the steps, in the correct order, to convert a requirement to a test?
A. make changes to the automatic conversion, select an automatic method
B. select convert to test, select the destination path, convert to automated test
C. select an automatic method, make changes to the automatic conversion, select the destination subject path
D. select the destination subject path, select an automatic method, make changes to the
automatic conversion
Answer: C

How is a test configured as a template test?
A. The test type chosen must be MANUAL-TEMPLATE
B. The first step in the test must be named template test
C. Right-click on the test name and choose Template Test
D. During test planning, mark the checkbox, under details, labeled template Test
Answer: C

What does the icon in the exhibit indicate in the Test Plan module, under the Test Script tab?
A. there is a test script
B. there is not a test script
C. there is a manual test case
D. the test script has changed
Answer: A

While designing the test plan tree, you accidentally delete a folder that contained some tests that
you need. Can you recover the tests?
A. no, once a test is deleted, it is gone
B. yes, the tests can be recovered from the Subject folder
C. yes, the test can be recovered from the Unattached folder
D. no, only Project Managers have permission to recover deleted tests
Answer: C

When you define tests inside of Quality Center, it is important that the tests are accurate and
traceable. What are two other key pointers when defining tests? Select two.
A. simple
B. consistent
C. repeatable
D. convertible
E. automation
F. appropriate
Answer: B, F

What test types can be created in Quality Center? Select three
A. batch-test
B. vugen-test
C. lr-scenario
D. system-test
E. interface-test
F. wr-automated test
Answer: C, D, F

In order to reuse a test across other tests, must the reused test be a template test?
A. yes, only template tests are reusable
B. no, the test must be a VAPI test to be reusable
C. yes, template tests are reusable automated tests
D. no, tests do not need to be template tests to be reused
Answer: D

What does a live analysis graph illustrate in a visual overview?
A. all the tests in the Test Plan
B. all the cycles or releases the test is linked to
C. all the requirements linked to the specified test
D. all the tests in a specified folder in the Test Plan
Answer: D

How can you create a test plan tree?
A. convert releases to tests
B. define test folders and tests manually
C. save automated tests in Quality Center
D. define test names for each test needed
Answer: B

Can you change the values of a called test's parameters?
A. no, values are assigned at run time
B. yes, if the called test is a template test
C. no, you must delete the called test and call it again
D. yes, right-click and choose Called Test Parameters
Answer: D

When you generate an Excel report, why is it an advantage to use parameters?
A. enables the report to be saved
B. enables the user to name the report
C. enables the report to be used across projects
D. enables the report to be used for different purposes
Answer: D

Using the Excel Macro, what type of data can be imported into Quality Center? (Select three.)
A. defects data
B. test set data
C. test plan data
D. releases data
E. test Instance data
F. requirements data
Answer: A, C, F

Once the Word macro is installed on your computer, what Quality Center toolbars will Word
A. Test Plan, Requirements and Export
B. Requirements, Defects and Common
C. Test Plan, Requirements and Defects
D. Test Plan, Requirements and Common
Answer: D

What graph types are available in each of the Quality Center modules?
A. age and summary
B. trend and progress
C. summary and progress
D. requirements, coverage and age
Answer: C

When a predefined report is saved, what is the file extension?
A. txt
B. xls
C. html
D. doc
Answer: C

Which modules in Quality Center provide predefined graph templates?
A. Requirements, Test Lab and Defects
B. Releases, Test Plan, Test Lab and Defects
C. Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab and Defects
D. Releases, Requirements, Test Plan and Defects
Answer: C

How is data defined for use in an Excel report?
A. with an SQL query
B. with an XML query
C. with ETL data extraction
D. with a WebDataScraper
Answer: A

On the General page of the Excel Report Generator window, what name is displayed, by default,
in the designer field?
A. the project manager
B. the site administrator
C. the user currently logged in
D. the user who created the report
Answer: D

Which menu allows you to generate a predefined report?
A. Help
B. Tools
C. Analysis
D. Favorites
Answer: C

What elements can be linked directly to a requirement in the releases module?
A. a cycle
B. release tree
C. cycle details
D. a cycle progressa cycle progress
Answer: A

Which module, in Quality Center, starts the testing process?
A. Defects
B. Releases
C. Dashboard
D. Requirements
Answer: B

What details about a cycle can you define in the details tab? (Select two.)
A. name
B. end date
C. attachments
D. release version
E. linked test sets
Answer: A, B

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