Monday, March 14, 2011

Get benefited in QTP using 12 Keyword View tips from HP.

  1. The Operation item appears in the Keyword View only when functions are defined in function library files associated with the component’s application area.
  2. NEW!! You can manage the availability of keywords used to create keyword-driven components using the new Keywords pane in the application area of QuickTest Professional.
  3. When adding a new step using the Keyword View or Step Generator, you can select a new object from your application and it is automatically added to your object repository.
  4. You can specify which columns you want to display in the Keyword View. Choose Tools > View Options or right-click any column header in the Keyword View.
  5. You can specify the order in which columns are displayed in the Keyword View. Choose Tools > View Options or drag a column header to a new location in the Keyword View.
  6. You can print the contents of the Keyword View to your Windows default printer, or preview it on screen before printing. Click the Print button or choose File > Print.
  7. You can copy and paste or drag and drop steps in order to move them to a different location within the Keyword View.
  8. You can enter a comment about a step in the Keyword View by clicking in the Comment cell. You can also enter a comment on a new line below the currently selected step by choosing Insert > Comment.
  9. You can view the Documentation column in the Keyword View to read a summary of what the step does, in an easy-to-understand sentence.
  10. NEW!! You can copy the content of the Documentation column to the Clipboard by right-clicking any column header in the Keyword View and choosing Copy Documentation to Clipboard.
  11. The list of Utility objects available when you open the Step Generator from the Keyword View is a sub-group of the list available when you open the Step Generator from the Expert View.
  12. You can print a single action or business component from the Keyword View (in table format) or the from the Expert View (in statement format).

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