Monday, March 7, 2011

7 useful tips on Objects/Object Identification from HP.

  1. You can use the Object Identification dialog box to configure the way QuickTest learns and recognizes objects.
  2. You can teach QuickTest to recognize any area of your application as an object by defining it as a virtual object.
  3. NEW!! When you rename a test object, you can choose whether to automatically update all occurrences of the test object, or manually change the names in steps that use the renamed test objects.
  4. Test object and method names are not case sensitive.
  5. To instruct QuickTest to wait for an object to open or appear during test run, use an Exist or Wait statement.
  6. You can set breakpoints in your test, and then use the Debug Viewer pane to view, set, or modify the current value of objects or variables.
  7. You can create a user-defined function and register it as a test object method in order to overwrite or add to existing test object functionality.

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